Alexa Meade or painting in 2D on 3D

What’s doing Alexa Maede can look quite normal at the first sight… but you need to look at twice and you’ll discover that her technic is quite unusual. That’s why it’s fantastic. She is painting directly on real people and the final results looks like a paint on a 2d surface. When you see the painted people in real situation, they look like kind of Zombie. Have a look:


More about her work


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  1. There are not a lot of artists I am impressed with. She is defiantly one of them. I have seen her work before, but some how find myself getting lost in it each time I see it. Thanks for posting.

    • I like her “creative jump” of using people to paint on… to make them looks like normal paint you put on the wall. Strong idea.

  2. AMAZING is an understatement! Would love to see this in person. This is definitely food for the eyes and brain.

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