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The statue you can chew of Maurizio Savini

Maurizio Savini makes me think of Hansel & Gretel… This Italian sculptor does statues made of chewing gum… So you can almost eat or chew them… His statues are at actual size… That’s big to chew! He creates amazingly detailed and slightly weird scuptures… fun to see:


Vladimir Kush or a Journey in the Metaphorical Realism

I’m always fascinated by Artist who can make you see what we can’t see at first. I  like Vladimir Kush for that. This Russian Artist describes himself as a metaphorical realism. When youl look at his paints… look at twice to get it! there is a second level to see…

More of him

Charaben キャラ弁 the Japanese Food Art

What a creative way to make your lunch box (Bentō べんとう) looks much more fun! This Japanese Food Art is to eat for real. Bentō (べんとう) is the name given to the simple  prêt-a-manger takeout portion. When the Bento is presented in a cute way (a cartoon, icons…) they call it Charaben (キャラ弁, kyaraben).   Was it invented to make the kids eat their lunch box much more easier? I guess so. Actually, some people spend so much time and energy to make those lunch boxes look so appealing that you want to keep them and not eat! Have a look at those examples and try to recognize the different cartoons.

More information about Bento

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