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Heather Jansch makes driftwood becomes life-sized sculptures of horses

That’s Green Art!… Using driftwood to create real size animals like Horses or Deers… The British  artist Heather Jansch is doing a very interesitng work: She takes the wood she find on the beach to create wood sculptures of animals… That’s a recycling 🙂


More about her work.



Vladimir Kush or a Journey in the Metaphorical Realism

I’m always fascinated by Artist who can make you see what we can’t see at first. I  like Vladimir Kush for that. This Russian Artist describes himself as a metaphorical realism. When youl look at his paints… look at twice to get it! there is a second level to see…

More of him

Liu Bolin 刘勃麟 the Chameleon Man

Simple idea but interesting work. This Chinese Artist paints himself to match the back ground of simple place. This is the technic of the chameleon, the lizard that changes the color of his skin to hide himself from predators. People call him the”Invisible Man” but the “Chameleon Man” should be more appropriate… Try to find him in each of the following examples.

Here’s a movie to show you how he does his work in China. The second movie was done in Houston. Liu Bolin’s website and more about him

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